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Player-Unknown’s Battle Ground (PUBG)

Player-Unknown’s Battle Ground (PUBG)

pubg hero 1527570270606 770x433 - Player-Unknown's Battle Ground (PUBG)

Player Unknown’s Battle Ground (PUBG) is a game which became popular in a very short period of time. In pubg, players around the globe land on Abandoned Island full of weapons, from a burning plane to compete in head to head situation along 99 others. The team or solo which survives till end get CHICKEN DINNER.


pubg hero 1527570270606 770x433 - Player-Unknown's Battle Ground (PUBG)
PUBG is mostly played on two different platforms:
1) iOS/Android ( PUBG–Mobile )
2) PC


PUBG Mobile is by far most liked game in many parts of the world especially in Asia and U.S.A with over 100 million downloads.

PUBG Mobile has two types:

  • TPP: Third Player Perspective is when you play as third person and is able to see your own player.
  • FPP: First Person Perspective is when you play as first person and is unable to see your own player.


main qimg da91453430a3e09c90b6131c85265e22 - Player-Unknown's Battle Ground (PUBG)

NOTE– you cannot play arcade in FPP in PUBG mobile.


PUBG Mobile has two modes:

  1. CLASSIC MODE – Classic mode is one of the oldest mode of PUBG mobile which can be played in both TPP and FPP. It has 4 different types of maps testing your skills.

Details of Maps are:

  • Erangel – Erangel is a Russian based 8×8 map with 51.47% of land area and 48.53% of water area. It takes about 30-35 minutes to complete single match. The blue zone squeezes every few minutes and players outside the play zone will eventually die to blue zone.


PUBG new erangel - Player-Unknown's Battle Ground (PUBG)
  • Sanhok – Sanhok is a Southeast Asian forest map 4×4 having 49.26% of land area and 50.74% of water area which was finally released in June 2018. Few guns and Vehicles are different in this map like Qbz assault rifle (in place of Scar-l) Qbu dmr (in place of mini 14) rony pickup truck, tukashai (auto), scooter. This map is best for those who wants to play the game at a fast place and loves close combat and the match completes basically in 20-25 minutes.
Sanhok Map Guide 970x570 - Player-Unknown's Battle Ground (PUBG)


  • Miramar (Desert Map) – Miramar is a Central American map of sand of 8×8 and It is basically for those who like sniping at various terrains and lengths. Though it is of the same size as of Erangel but it seems to be a bit longer because of 20% more land mass. It has some different vehicles like Tam-Tam the bus, dune bike and buggy. The response on this map from the Asian Continent is not good.


pubgmiramarimage 1024x577 - Player-Unknown's Battle Ground (PUBG)
  • Vikendi (Snow Map) – Vikendi is the newest of all and is based on an Adriatic island covered with snow. This map is the combination of Sanhok and Erangel of 6×6 size with 40% of land area as well as 60% of water area.It is made to provide a medium pace action. This is pretty good looking and has a variety of new guns and vehicles (the Snow Mobile). Earlier this year it was in beta version but with the latest update it has been launched in stable version. One of the major disadvantages of this map is that it mostly has SMGs rather than AR. It almost takes 30 minutes to complete a match.


PUBG MOBILE VIKENDI COSMODROME TOWER 1545363431110 - Player-Unknown's Battle Ground (PUBG)


  • War – It is a kind of match in which you land auto-equipped with a gun and if you were killed, you re-spawn after a couple of seconds. The winner is being decided by the sum of killing points as well as reviving points.
  • Quick Match – It is an 8 minute match with 30 players. This mode is played in a small area with different types like melee, SMGs etc.
  • Sniper Training – As the name suggest sniper training is a mode where you either get Bolt Action (single shot) sniper or AII (multi shot DMR) and different scopes. The player who gets survives till last wins.
  • Mini-Zone – It is a mode 100 players land in a smaller play zone which takes the duration of around 15 minutes to complete a single match. This game excites you as you can enjoy early battles.



PUBG PC is the original battle royal which earlier released on 27 March 2017 and is available on Amazon and flipkart for approximately INR 1,249.

It provide a whole different experience than its mobile version as updates come first here and gives PC gaming experience.

It also has same structure as PUBG-Mobile but has some different features like:

  • Zombie mode
  • Different guns –Bizon,Scorpion
  • It has a very distinguishable feature that the map did not show from where the shots came, footsteps, symbol of vehicle passing by, this in turn makes it more hard and interesting.


PUBG zombie MOde - Player-Unknown's Battle Ground (PUBG)


PUBG Mobile

  • A new arcade mode with the 28 – player mode that lets player go solo or team up with friends.
  • 3D touch enabled firing technique for iOS devices.
  • All new Zombie Mode- where you can meet zombies in a normal game. You will get something every time you kill a zombie.
  • A brand new map known as venezia.


  • Canted sight is arriving soon.
  • A brand new map known as Venezia.
  • Bizon will spawn also on Erangle.
  • Moonlight weather settings for Vikendi.
  • New clothes and skins from the house of DC comics featuring film Suicide Squad.

NOTE– PUBG-PC lite will be available for global release soon.

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