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Okay so today we are going to talk about one of the most famous and successful boy band “BTS”! yes it’s the famous K-pop group which has a very crazy fan following from all over the world!

So let’s get started – BTS the full form of BTS is Bangtan Sonyeondan (in korean) which basically means bulletproof boy scouts and in English BTS or Beyond The Scene.

So BTS is a 7 member South Korean Boy band formed by BigHit Entertainment in 2013.

Yes 2013 was the year the debuted and their first song was No More Dream!

About the members

  • KIM NAMJOON(Leader of BTS and rapper)
  • MIN YOONGI(rapper)
  • JUNG HOSEOK(rapper)
  • KIM SEOKJIN(vocalist)
  • PARK JIMIN(vocalist)
  • KIM TAEHYUNG(vocalist)
  • JEON JUNGKOOK(vocalist)

Rappers of BTS Gang

  • Kim Namjoon – born September 12, 1994) his stage name is RM (formerly Rap Monster),he is a South Korean rapper, songwriter, and record producer. He is the main rapper and leader of the  BTS. In 2015, he released his first solo mixtape, RM. As of December 2018, his second mixtape, Mono, was the highest charting album by a Korean soloist on the Billboard 200 chart, having peaked at 26. He has recorded with artists such as Wale, Warren G, Gaeko, Krizz Kaliko, MFBTY, and Primary. He is very humble and kind as well. And he is the only one in group who can talk and communicate in English because he grew up watching  the famous Tv series F. R. I. E. N. D. S.!

kim namjoon 640x360 - BTS BOY BAND
  • Min Yoongi – born March 9, 1993)  his stage name is Suga and Agust D, He is a South Korean rapper, songwriter, and record producer. In 2016 he released his first solo mixtape, Agust D. The Korea Music Copyright Association attributes over 70 songs to Suga as a songwriter and producer, including Suran’s “Wine”, which won best Soul/R&B track of the year at the 2017 Melon Music Awards.

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  • Jung Hoseok– born February 18, 1994),  his stage name is J-Hope, he is a South Korean rapper, songwriter, dancer, and record producer. In 2013, J-Hope made his debut as a member of the South Korean boy band BTS.

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Vocalists of BTS Gang

  • Kim Seokjin born  December 4, 1992), his stage name is Jin, he is a South Korean singer and songwriter. He is the oldest member and vocalist of the group. His net worth is $8-9million.

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  • Park Jimin – born on October 13, 1995), his stage name is Jimin. He is a South Korean singer, dancer, and songwriter. In 2013 he debuted as a member of the South Korean boy band BTS, under the record label Big Hit Entertainment. He is the visual of the group as well.

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  • Kim Tae-hyung – born on December 30, 1995. His stage name is V. He is a South Korean singer, songwriter, actor, and member of the BTS. He also won the Asia ‘s most handsome man award a couple of times and he is such an eye candy and girls are crazy for him!

  • Jeon Jungkook– born on 1 September 1997. His stage name is Jungkook. He is a singer , dancer and songwriter. He is the youngest member of  BTS.

Jung Kook - BTS BOY BAND

The official site of bighit ishttp://bts.ibighit.com/

Their fandom is known as “ARMY” ( Adorable Representative MC’s for Youth) for their growing success. According to ARMYPEDIA. BTS wants to recruit the ARMY to record six years worth of memories because if anybody knows BTS as well as they know themselves, it’s the ARMY.

Struggle of BTS

BTS struggled a lot in their more unpopular years, not just them but also the fans, perhaps why BTS and ARMY have a strong relationship with each other

BTS debuted in Big Hit Entertainment in June of 2013. During that time, Big Hit wasn’t a large company with great connections, so technically although they were capable of supporting BTS as a group, they lack the power to get BTS known in the industry. One of the major things you have to learn in Kpop is that it was monopolized mostly by the Big 3 companies (SM, YG, JYP) as well as some smaller but not that big agencies like Cube, FNC, Fantagio, etc. Big Hit wasn’t exactly at the same league as these companies.

Achievements of BTS

BTS’s US prominence has expanded rapidly over the past year, when the band seemed to smash one success metric after another, from spending multiple weeks on US charts to a landmark appearance at the American Music Awards to collaborating with Steve Aoki for their December 2017 single remix “Mic Drop.”

BTS is now celebrating a truly unprecedented rise. In May, they became the first South Korean band in history to debut an album at No. 1 on the US Billboard.

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