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Cannes: A perfect destination for traveler

Cannes: A perfect destination for traveler

cannes - Cannes: A perfect destination for traveler

Cannes, a small town in the South of France is in many ways the definition of picture perfect. It is a cozy and lively town that’s situated by the beautiful Riviera in France. Even though Cannes isn’t a big city, it still has much to offer its visitors.

It’s with its fantastic nightlife, luxury shopping, beautiful beaches and cozy atmosphere that Cannes attracts all sorts of travelers – a great mix of families, couples, and party people. A destination which is the epitome of the good life or as the French call it, La Belle Vie.

By the beginning of the 20th century Cannes had become one of the most glamorous cities of Europe. With it’s cobbled streets, azure water and a population of around 74,000 people, Cannes will certainly charm the people.

Rules that should be followed for a better Cannes experience:

Rule number one of Cannes is you will always have FOMO because you will always know that -no matter what you are doing there is something else you could..- something better.

Rule number two is comfortable shoes because the key to a great Cannes experience is comfortable shoes. To explore the city by foot is an excellent way to breathe and enjoy the French atmosphere as it is both simple and convenient.

CANNES FESTIVAL (Festival De Cannes):

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The World’s oldest and most prestigious film festival takes place in this beautiful coastal town every May for the last 68 years. If you’re in town during this festival, you can count on to see a lot of familiar faces since many of the world’s most famous persons attend this event!

Cannes is one of the most talked about film festivals in the world. With hundred of stars, thousands of flashes, this red carpet makes headlines from LA to Tokyo.

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With over 4000 journalists, attending the festival, Cannes happens to be one of the most covered media events globally and what makes this festival unique is the perfect blend of stars and artists, glamour and good cinema. It’s the pilgrimage for the global film fraternity.

During the 10 days of the festival, Cannes becomes a melting pot of celebrities, billionaires and wannabes. If you are looking for a quiet time in Cannes, you are better off visiting during the Summer, when the city is less crowded.

cannes film festival - Cannes: A perfect destination for traveler

Before anything else, this festival is all about appreciating the art of cinema. This competition is judged by a jury, selected by the Festival’s board of directors. The jury comprises of actors, directors, producers and other film professionals representing a diversity of cultures and film industries.

On Boulevard de la Croisette, the long beach promenade that traverses Cannes you can find Le Grand Theatre Lumiere, where the annual film festival takes place, as well as luxurious designer stores, hotels, beach clubs and Michelin-starred restaurants.

Cannes 1 - Cannes: A perfect destination for traveler

Palais des Festivals, the focal point of the Festival De Cannes. Held since 1946 and going to run in the 72nd edition. The 72nd edition of the Festival de Cannes will take place from 14th May to 25th May, 2019.

Palme d’Or

The Palme d’Or or the Golden Palm is the main award at the festival for the best film. It is one of the most coveted awards for filmmakers around the world. It was introduced in 1955 by the festival’s organizing committee.

cannes film festival 1 - Cannes: A perfect destination for traveler

The award is made in Geneva in Switzerland in high duty workshops. It takes about two months to make and it’s 18 carat firmined gold ethical from South America. It is made of plain gold and it contains about 118 grams of gold of solid gold and is set on a rock crystal. In total, it weighs about one kilo.

The Palme d’Or winner of 2018 was “Shoplifters,” Hirokazu Kore-eda.



Old quarters of Cannes Between the narrow streets and beautiful old buildings lies several boutiques, excellent restaurants, and cozy cafés. When you’re in Cannes old town, you have to stop by the famous Clock Tower, Tour du Suquet, which is a hallmark of Cannes along with Palace de la Castre.

cannes 2 - Cannes: A perfect destination for traveler
An old town of Cannes


The original site of the town was a Roman camp. In Medieval Ages, a fortress was built there. And that today serves as a museum. The fisherman community laid the foundation of modern-day Cannes.

Musee de la Castre - Cannes: A perfect destination for traveler
Musee de la castle in Cannes


Baoli is a very trendy lounge bar and club among celebrities. Here the famous DJ’s and singers play music until the early morning. If you don’t want to be in the middle of the party zone, then you can hang out in the cozy garden area under the palm trees.

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Saint Honorat is an island owned by the French monks. The monks live on this particular island all the year round and are also very active. The monks manufacture both liqueurs and wines.It also offer delightful wine tasting tours and meditation for those who are interested.

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