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What is Piracy? Is piracy illegal?

What is Piracy? Is piracy illegal?

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Piracy word is derived from  Latin pirata which describes “sea robbers”. Piracy content is unauthorized copying of content i.e. duplicating a copyrighted content which is later sold in Grey market. Since the access over technology has become easier, Piracy of content is increasing rapidly.

Software piracy is the illegal copying, distribution, or use of software. It is such a profitable “business” that it has caught the attention of organised crime groups in a number of countries. According to the Business Software Alliance (BSA), about 36% of all software in current use is stolen. Software piracy causes significant lost revenue for publishers, which in turn results in higher prices for the consumer.

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Piracy is ILLEGAL!!

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Piracy is illegal because it is violation of copyrights. Imagine a person struggling day & night just to create that content (scripts of movies, songs, software, etc…) and you just copy that content within few minutes. Isn’t it unfair? Yes it is. That is the reason why many laws are made to avoid these stuff. If you want that content then buy it’s copyrights. Else, it is like giving your own hard word to some random person for FREE.

5 Reasons why people do piracy

1. I don’t want to pay for it.

Production houses and software companies charging money for their creation is the most common reason why people do piracy, and it fuels the biggest torrent websites in the world. People just want the movies and tv shows for free. And they are quick enough to grab the opportunity facilitated by the torrent websites and other online platforms. This causes financial damage to the content creators.

2. I can’t afford it.

Not all the online pirates out there are doing it just because they don’t want to pay money for the content they want to consume. Some of them may not be in the position to purchase it.

A considerable example is of Adobe Photoshop, a name synonymous to photo editing, just like the iPod was for every music player in the past. Photoshop doesn’t come cheap, so, some people prefer obtaining it from elsewhere.

3. It’s not available in my region

This is a major rationale why many people head to torrent websites with an intention to pirate software or other things. Mostly in the case of movies and tv shows, various content creators restrict the availability in some regions, and the population remains deprived of it. Some people, who are willing to pay, just can’t accept it and make efforts to fight against the discrimination.

4. I want to use it only once.

Say, a not-so-popular low budget movie gets released, and it doesn’t feature any big Hollywood A-listers. Some people might want to watch it but aren’t sure if it would be good or not. Some may want to watch it only once. So, they decide to download the pirated movie torrent for it.

Similarly, if someone wants to recover data from a storage device, they might download a premium data recovery software from pirate websites. So, one of the reasons why people do piracy is because they only want to use the content for a limited number of times.

5. I don’t know that I’m a pirate

Now, this is something that may sound like a WTF statement. How can a person not know that he or she is downloading the stuff illegally? But it’s true, individuals in technology and education deprived regions may not have enough knowledge about the copyright law and its infringement. They think that all the stuff available on the web is for free. They don’t know what’s legal and what’s illegal.

Consumer’s view on Piracy

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Generally consumers are happy with using pirated content. Piracy dose not cost them as much as original content do. Sites like Torrent are somewhere promoting Pirated content. Few movies are even leaked in Torrent before their official release date. Consumers do prefer cheaper CD/DVD of movies available in local market, than to buy original content on higher rates. Even for games you might have seen original CD costs you around 300 bucks but the shopkeeper copies that game in your pendrive for 20-30 bucks only. Yes those games are also pirated and consumer is happy in using this cheaper source.

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